Employment Pass Application

If you want to move to Singapore to work or are looking to move your foreign workforce to Singapore, there are many types of work visas available. Each visa has its specific rules and regulations governed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

An Employment Pass (EP) is a Singapore working visa issued by MOM to foreign professional employees, managers, executives and owners or directors of Singapore companies.

The work pass is open to all nationalities and is usually valid for two years with the possibility of renewal. No foreign work levy or quota is required for the pass. Employment Pass holders may apply for PR in due course.

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Eligibility Criteria to Apply for An Employment Pass

To qualify for an Employment Pass (EP), the foreign professional must:

  • Be offered a job in Singapore.
  • The job position is professional, managerial or executive role.
  • Earn a fixed monthly salary required by MOM
  • Holds related qualification, such as a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialized skills

Note: Even if the candidate fulfils all requirements listed above, they are not automatically eligible. Each candidate is evaluated based on the track record and the skill set they bring to the Singapore economy. The evaluation may also include examining the company’s contributions to the Singapore economy and workforce.

Employment Pass Package

From $800

  • Verify the candidate Eligibility and Experience
  • Collate and Verify documents according to MOM  requirements
  • Assist in Job Advertisement using Government Portal
  • Online Filing of E Pass application via EPOL
  • Tracking of E Pass application status
  • Issuing of Notification Letter and Physical Work Pass card collection on behalf of the client

Note : Excluding MOM application fee

Factors That Increase Your Chance To Get An Employment Pass

Academic Qualification

Employment Pass is for top-tier jobs such as professional, manager, and executives. In addition, having an acceptable educational qualification from reputable universities is also one of the criteria to be eligible for an Employment Pass.

Employment History

Individuals with professional skills and expertise with a proven track record of relevant experiences have a higher chance of getting their applications approved. 


For your application to be successful, you are required to have a fixed monthly salary which is required by Ministry of Manpower. However, if you are an experienced professional, you may need a higher salary for an affirmative response from MOM.

Right Designation

Your job title must be aligned to your job scope and responsibilities. 

Company Structure

Companies that have been in operation for several years often have an easier time getting EPs approved than startups. 

Jobs Bank Advertisement

According to the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF), a company seeking EP must advertise on Jobs Bank two weeks before submitting their EP application.

Benefits of Employment Pass Holders

Higher Chance In Singapore PR Application

EP holders are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) in Singapore. However, it is advisable to wait for at least six months to two years to meet one of the assessing criteria requiring submission of a minimum six-month payslip and preferably an IRAS tax assessment.

No Quota & Levy 

The quota and levy do not apply to foreign professionals and directors who work in Singapore under Employment Pass.

Sponsor a Dependent Pass

You can sponsor a Dependant Pass for your family if you hold a valid EP. However, it also demands that you earn not less than S$6,000 per month. The dependents may include; your spouse and unmarried children below 21 years.

Flexibility In Work or Change Jobs

EP holders are given more flexibility in changing employers. For example, they can participate in a new EP application without termination if they find another job while still being employed.

Run a Business

EP is the only work visa that allows foreigners to start their own business. EP holder can freely register the company in Singapore using the electronic system BizFile or via an incorporation agency.

Buying a Private Property

When it comes to buying property, EP holders are allowed to purchase private apartments or condominiums only in Singapore.

Documents Required for Employment Pass Application:

The following documents are required for the application of Employment Pass:

  • Copy of the candidate’s passport personal particulars page
  • Company’s latest ACRA business profile
  • Candidate’s educational certificates

Additional documents may be required for certain professions or industries.

Note: all documents must be in English or with an English translation done by a certified translation body.

Steps To Apply Employment Pass (EP)

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    Step 1 - Consultation and Preparation of Documents

    Undergo a free consultation with our expert. We will advise and assist in preparing the EP application and ensure that all necessary supporting documents are included to minimise delays and maximise approvals.

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    Step 2 - Submission of Application

    After all the documents are prepared, we will then submit the application online and make sure that all details are keyed in accurately. We will track your application and liaise with MOM if required.

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    Step 3 - Receive the Outcome

    Upon approval, an in-principle approval (IPA) letter will be issued. It serves as a pre-approved single entry visa for the worker to enter Singapore.

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    Step 4 - Medical Examination

    When the worker arrives in Singapore, they must complete a medical examination with any Singapore-registered doctor.

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    Step 5 - Issuance of Notification Letter

    A request for issuing the pass must be made within 60 days after the candidate is in Singapore.

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    Step 6 - Card Registration with MOM

    The candidate must register their fingerprints and complete photo-taking at the MOM Services Centre within two weeks. The Employment Pass card will be delivered within four working days.

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FAQs About Applying For Employment Pass (EP)

What is the Job Bank Requirement?

According to the MOM, companies who wish to hire foreign professionals are required to first advertise the said position in the Singapore Workforce Development Agency’s Jobs Bank for a minimum of 14 days and make an honest attempt to hire a local. This is to ensure that all companies abide by the Fair Consideration Framework.

What Happens If the Employment Pass Application is Rejected?

In the event that the Employment Pass application is unsuccessful, the applicant can file an appeal within 90 days of the rejection notice. However, the request will take at least three weeks to process.

Can I sponsor my family in Singapore?

As an Employment Pass holder, you can sponsor certain family members to join you in Singapore, either on a DP or LTVP, if you meet the eligibility requirements.

To be eligible, you need to:

  • Earn at least $6,000 a month.
  • Hold an Employment Pass.

What is the difference between S Pass and EP?

EP is for highly skilled professionals with high qualifications and job offers in Singapore, while S Pass is applicable for mid-level skilled staff. Each pass has a minimum salary requirement.

What is the validity of an Employment Pass?

The duration of the pass is as follows:

  • First-time candidates: up to 2 years
  • Renewals: up to 3 years

Can an EP holder set up a company?

Yes, but only if the EP holder has obtained a Letter of Consent ( LOC ) from MOM.

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