Work Permit Application

Work Permits allow semi-skilled foreign workers from a pre-approved list of countries to work in specific industries in Singapore. These sectors mainly include construction, manufacturing, services, process and marine shipyard industries.

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Basic Requirements to Apply for Work Permit

The general requirements for a foreigner to be qualified for a Work Permit are as follow:

  • Must hold citizenship from approved source countries (may vary upon industries)
  • The minimum age must be 18 years old at the time of application
  • If a Malaysian must be below 58 years old at the time of application
  • Non-Malaysians must be below 50 years old at the time of application
  • The applying company must also fulfill its quota requirement, which may vary depending on its industry. 

Upon approved Work Permits, employers must expect the following:

  • Employers must provide mandatory medical insurance
  • Employers must provide a bank or insurance guarantee of $5,000 per Work Permit holder (except for Malaysian Work Permit holders)
  • Employers must pay a monthly levy to the MOM. The levy amount depends on two factors: The worker’s qualifications and the number of Work Permit holders hired.

Work Permit Application Package

From $300

  •  Verify the candidate Eligibility
  •  Collate and Verify documents according to MOM requirements
  •  Check quota availability to process the application
  •  Online Filing of Work Permit application
  •  Tracking of the application status 
  •  Issuing of Notification Letter and Physical Work Pass card collection on behalf of the client

Note : Excluding MOM fee, Medical, Insurance, etc.

Other Related Information

Renewing of Work Permit

A Work Permit can be renewed six to eight weeks before it expires.

To renew:

  1. Submit the Work Permit application for renewal along with its supporting documents.
  2. Upon approval, a notification letter will be issued.
  3. The Work Permit holder may be required to get a new Work Permit card.
  4. The renewal of the Work Permit is usually valid for two years. However, it may be shorter depending on the expiry of the worker’s passport or the validity of the security bond.

What happens if the Work Permit Renewal is Rejected?

In the case of an unsuccessful Work Permit renewal, the employer can submit an appeal with supporting documents. MOM will take around three weeks to process the request.

Card Replacement

The employer of the Work Permit holder must apply for a new card within one week if the Work Permit is lost, damaged or stolen. 

  • If the Work Permit card was stolen, a police report must also be included in the application.
  • If the Work Permit holder is overseas during the event, the employer must notify MOM immediately, and a letter will be issued for the worker to enter Singapore.
  • A charge will be made for the card replacement. For a damaged card, the cost will be S$60, and for a lost card, the price is S$100 for the first time and S$300 for any subsequent loss.

The new Work Permit card can be collected within four working days after approval.

Cancellation of WP

The employer of a Work Permit holder must cancel the Work Permit if the worker is no longer working for the company or if the Work Permit expires. The cancellation must be made within one week after the last day of notice or one day after the Work Permit expires.

  • The cancellation will be processed within three days, and the levy of the canceled Work Permit will stop on the day before the cancellation.
  • Upon cancellation, the employer has one week to mail the Work Permit card to the following address:
  • Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764

Documents Required for Work Permit Application:

Here are some of the documents needed for the Work Permit application

  • Personal particulars page of the candidate’s passport.
  • If the candidate’s name on the passport differs from their other documents, you also need to upload an explanation letter and supporting documents (e.g. deed poll).
  • Candidate’s educational certificates (e.g. diploma certificate, technical or vocational certificate). 
  • Company’s latest business profile or instant information registered with ACRA.

Note: all documents must be in English or with an English translation done by a certified translation body.

Steps To Apply for Work Permit

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    Step 1 - Preparation of Documents

    We will advise and assist in the preparation of a Work Permit application.

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    Step 2 - Submission of Application

    We will then apply online and ensure that all details are encoded correctly. We will track your application and liaise with MOM if required.

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    Step 3 - Receive the Outcome

    Upon approval, an in-principle approval (IPA) letter will be issued. It serves as a pre-approved single entry visa for the worker to enter Singapore.

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    Step 4 - Medical Examination

    The employer must buy a security bond for non-Malaysian and medical insurance. When the worker arrives, they must complete a medical exam with any Singapore-registered doctor.

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    Step 5 - Issuance of Notification Letter

    A request for issuing a Work Permit must then be made within 14 days (for non-Malaysians) or before the date stated on the IPA.

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    Step 6 - Card Registration with MOM

    Upon receiving the notification letter, the worker must register their fingerprints and complete photo-taking at the MOM Services Center within a week. The Work Permit card will be delivered within four working days.

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FAQs About Applying For Work Permit

How long is the validity of the Work Permit?

An approved Work Permit is usually valid for two years, with the possibility of renewal. However, the validity may be shorter depending on the worker’s passport expiry date and the duration of the security bond.

Can a Work Permit holder bring their dependents in Singapore?

No, unless they upgrade their work permit to an S-Pass or EP.

Can Work Permit holders apply for a Singpass?

All Passholders (e.g. Employment Pass, S-Pass, etc.) and Work Permit holders are eligible for a Singpass Account.

When can I renew my Work Permit?

A Work Permit can be renewed six to eight weeks before it expires.

How long will the approval take?

The processing time for a work permit is one week upon submission. However, in some cases, it might take more time.

How long can I stay in Singapore after my Work Permit expires?

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority allows you to apply for a one-time 30-day Short Term Visit Pass extension.

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