Singapore Citizenship Application

Are you considering Singapore as your permanent home for you and your family? 

After you’ve been a PR for a few years, you may be eligible to apply for Singapore Citizenship and enjoy the same rights as locally-born citizens. In addition, once you become a citizen, you can enjoy a lot of benefits along with visa-free access to 192 countries around the world.

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Criteria & Eligibility to Apply Singapore Citizenship

Are you ready to take the next steps towards your citizenship? Find out your eligibility below. 

You are eligible to apply for Singapore citizenship if you:

  • Have been a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) for at least two years and are aged 21 years and above. You can apply together with your spouse and any unmarried children aged below 21 years, born to you within the context of a legal marriage or legally adopted by you.
  • Have been a PR for at least two years and married to a Singapore citizen for a minimum of two years.
  • Are an unmarried child aged below 21 years, born within the context of legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, a Singapore Citizen.
  • Are a PR studying in Singapore; and have been residing in Singapore for more than three years (of which, at least one year as a PR); and have passed at least one national exam (i.e. PSLE, GCE ‘N’/‘O’/‘A’ levels), or are in the Integrated Programme (IP).
  • Are a PR and an Aged Parent of a Singapore Citizen.

Citizenship Application Package

From S$3,850 / Single Applicant

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Benefits of Singapore Citizenship


Flexibility Of Visa

Once you become a citizen, you do not have to worry about renewing your Permanent Resident status every five years. You can also enjoy visa-free access to 192 countries around the world. According to Henley Visa Restrictions Index, the Singapore passport is one of the most powerful in the world.


Health Care / Hospitalisation Subsidy

Singapore is known for its well-developed healthcare system. The citizens can avail subsidized healthcare services ranging from 50% to 80%. The remaining amount can be paid through different government medical insurance schemes namely Medisave, Medishield Life, ElderShield and Medifund, that are part of your CPF contributions.


Multiple Career Opportunities

Most companies in Singapore are keen to hire Singaporeans or PR employees instead of foreigners, as less paperwork and costs are involved. In addition, the process of hiring Singaporeans is easier and less time-consuming. You can also explore different professions if you want some career change. 


Long-Term Passes and PR Sponsorship For Family Members

As a Singapore citizen, you can sponsor a foreigner to stay in Singapore on a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) if they meet the criteria set by ICA. After they hold their LTVP status for a few years, you can also help them to apply for their Permanent Resident status if they wish to stay in Singapore in the long run.


World-class Education

The Singapore Government provides funding for part-time undergraduate degrees who study at Singapore autonomous universities (NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SIT and SUSS).

For Singaporean students from low to middle-income households, additional financial support is available in the form of government bursaries. 


World-class Social Security System

Singapore’s pension system is one of Asia’s most developed pension schemes – the Central Provident Fund, which provides for most social security functions.

The CPF is a social security savings scheme used primarily to fund Singaporeans’ retirement, healthcare, and housing needs.


Property Ownership

Singaporean citizens aged 21 or above are eligible to buy and rent apartments from the Housing & Development Board (HDB). Citizens can also enjoy the benefits of obtaining loans from the HDB to fund their housing at a low interest rate. You can also rent out whole HDB flats.


Parenthood Incentives

The Government offers different financing schemes to help Singaporeans with the costs of conception support, maternity and newborn care. Aside from that, you can enjoy the Parenthood Tax Rebate (PTR), a rebate given to parents who are paying income tax.


Leave Benefits

There are a number of leaves available for Singapore citizens. Here are some of them, maternity leave, paternity leave, childcare leave, infant care leave and even extended childcare leave. And other leave entitlements, such as sick leave, compassionate & bereavement leave, emergency leave, etc.

Steps To Apply Singapore Citizenship

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    Step 1 - Consultation with an Expert

    In the first part of the application, we will analyze your profile and eligibility to check whether you can kick start your citizenship application process.

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    Step 2 - Evaluation of Applicant Chances

    Next, we will evaluate your approval chances based on the information you’ve provided to us. We will also create an action plan based on your assessment.

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    Step 3 - Preparation of Checklist

    We will send you the requirements and downloadable forms you need to prepare. In addition to that, you can also add a cover letter.

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    Step 4 - Application Submission & Furnishing Relevant Documents

    We will gather all the necessary documents and review them before submission to ensure that all essential details are encoded accurately. Ensure that all information is in English.

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    Step 5 - Receive ICA Outcome

    Your application may take about twelve months to process, depending on the case’s complexity. Finally, the result will be sent to you via mail. 

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    Step 6 - Oath Taking and Citizenship Ceremony

    ICA will send you the details regarding your Oath Taking. Then, a few months later, you will get another letter to attend your Ceremony. It is organized to welcome new citizens.

FAQs About Applying For Singapore Citizen

Can a Singapore citizen hold dual citizenship?

Holding dual citizenship is not allowed in Singapore, so you will need to renounce other citizenship.

How long do I need to be a PR before applying for citizenship?

You need to be a PR for at least two years before you can apply for citizenship.

Can I file an appeal if my status is rejected?

Yes, you can file for an appeal and we will help you do it for free. You just need to state the reasons why you should be considered for Singapore citizenship.

Can I sponsor my siblings for Singapore citizenship?

You can only sponsor your spouse, parents or children for Singapore citizenship.

What is the next step after my Singapore Citizenship application is approved?

You need to attend an Oath taking in ICA and Citizenship Ceremony in the nearest Community Center where you are staying.

What is the difference between Singapore PR and citizenship?

Your PR needs to be renewed every five years, but if you are a citizen, you can stay in Singapore permanently.  

Can I sponsor my parents to Singapore?

Yes, the aged parents of a Singapore Citizen are eligible to apply for PR.

How do I differentiate between a PR and a Singapore citizen?

A permanent resident will be holding a blue ID card, and a Singapore citizen, they will be holding a pink ID card.

How long will my application take?

Generally, applications take 12 months to process, provided all the required documents are submitted. However, depending on the complexity of the case, some applications may take more than 12 months to process.

If my child is born after I become a Singapore citizen, will the child be considered a Singapore citizen?

If your child is born in Singapore after you have become a Singapore Citizen, he/she will be considered a Singapore Citizen if your marriage is in order.

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